Collective resources from other Recovery College's and organisations

Our semesters are delivered three times a year, this means at some points of the year we won't be delivering courses to the community. With this in mind we have created a resources page in order to continue supporting you. This page provides resources from other Recovery College's throughout the UK and other organisations.

This page is for educational purposes to be used as part of recovery and is not a substitute for treatment or support. If you need further support, please visit our 'Getting Help' page.


JRC Signposting list


Non-interactive videos and online learning

Government of Jersey

Window of Tolerance (Youtube)

River of Wellbeing  (YouTube)


SHFT Recovery College


Online Recovery College


Wheel of Wellbeing

Suicide Prevention Training

Zero Sucide Alliance - 5-10 minute online videos on social isolation training, gateway training and suicide awareness training. This free online training shows how you can help people who might be contemplating suicide by bringing up the subject and offering support. The course is available to everyone and is accessible without any kind of registration or login.

Parents with Children and Young Adults

Government of Jersey

The Government of Jersey, Psychology and Wellbeing Service have produced a variety of 'grab packs' for families, children and young people covering some of the key themes at this time. These include ADHD, Adults working from home, mindfulness, balancing anxiety, children, parents/carers, sleep, study skills, COVID-19, young people and wellbeing. These can also be found in three other languages on the website.  


Youth Mental Health Foundation - Support for Parents of a Self-harming Young Person

Being the parent of a young person who self-harms is devastating and complex. You are most likely in one of the most painful and difficult periods of your life. You’ll want to do everything possible to support your child through this crisis,

This FREE online course will guide you, the parent, to be stronger, calmer, more positive and better able to support your child. It will help you understand what your child really needs from you at this moment. How you can best support them through this time.

It will be delivered via 15 videos lessons, 15 audio lessons, 12 exercises and 3 fact sheets. The foundation course will cover:

  1. What is self-harm
  2. Why young people self-harm
  3. Why young people find it so hard to stop
  4. First aid for self-harm injuries
  5. Why it’s important for parents to stay positive and calm when your child self-harms
  6. How to project positivity when you’re feeling the opposite inside
  7. How to create a home routine that supports your child

To gain access click on the link below:


NHS professional (individual website)

"This site was created for young people, carers and professionals to pool together lots of helpful resources from across the internet that are available to help support your mental health and well-being".

There is a collection of downloadable self-help guides that are aimed at adults but the ideas and suggestions in them can still be relevant for young people and parents.


Action for Happiness

Free online events via Zoom and if you miss the event, you can always catch it at a later date on their YouTube channel!

And more..

There are also some wonderful resources online for trackers, journals, sensory tools kits, information, videos,  podcasts etc.


The Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale (WEMWBS)



Trackers, journals, sensory tool kits and more..


The Learning Architect

Life skills library includes bitsize information on different subjects, videos and podcasts.