Courses: Lived experience and professional insights

Understand more about mental health with courses co-produced by professionals and people with lived experience of a mental health difficulty

What makes our courses different?

Our courses are designed and delivered in partnership between people who have lived experience of mental health difficulties and those with professional experience, for example an occupational therapist, nutritionist, employment coordinator or psychiatrist. It’s known as co-production and we feel it helps to offer the best insight and experience possible. Our courses are open to adults experiencing mental health difficulties and the family and professionals who support them.


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For individuals experiencing mental health difficulties

Personal growth and change is a natural part of life. But sometimes we  don’t know what we need to do in our lives to move forward, especially around mental health difficulties and recovery. Through sharing lived experience and education, we give people the strength and skills to manage their own recovery, and achieve their goals.

For carers, families and friends

Want to understand more? We offer education and insight if you’re supporting a family member or friend with mental health difficulties. You’ll get greater understanding of mental health conditions and experiences and learn how you can look after yourself while supporting your loved one.

For professionals who support people with mental health difficulties

Are you a professional who supports others to manage their mental health? Jersey Recovery College courses teach evidence-based practical skills, tools and knowledge designed and delivered using co-production between people with lived experience and subject matter professionals. Our courses are a valuable source of CPD. In UK recovery colleges, as many as one-third of all students are professionals supporting those with mental health difficulties.


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Understanding and Managing Anxiety (2.5hrs)

Everyone has feelings of anxiety at times, but when anxiety takes over it can be unhelpful, and even debilitating. This course will develop an understanding of what anxiety is, how it impacts your life, and what you can do about it. We will explore this topic through group discussion, individual activities, and by applying practical techniques.

Wednesday 29th May
17:30 - 20:00

Crisis Talk - Suicide Prevention

How to Have Supportive Conversations in Times of Crisis. In the UK, 1 in 5 people will consider suicide at some point in their lifetime. This means that we all have a part to play in ensuring we understand suicide and are equipped to support others. Evidence shows that talking about suicide openly - and offering support to those who may be considering taking their life - can make a significant difference to their outcomes.

This introductory session covers some of the skills needed to support those who may be considering suicide. It will show you how to listen to, talk with and support them, via group exercises and discussion, within a safe space.

Monday 3rd June
17:30 - 20:30

Yoga and Mindfulness for Everyday Life

We return with this popular course, to introduce students to a variety of yoga and mindfulness practices that can be incorporated into daily living. These practices can help us to reduce physical and mental stress, stay more present and be more compassionate to yourself  and others.

Each week we explore one of the chakras using this as a theme. Most sessions will start with a brief presentation about aspects of mindfulness and yoga, followed by some breath awareness, yoga sequences and mindfulness and compassion practices. The yoga will be gentle and relaxing and include chair and wall sequences; adaptations will be offered to make the practices accessible to all.

This course is once a week for six weeks.      

Tuesday 4th June - Tuesday 9th July
18:00 - 20:00

It's Not Weak to Speak

Men's mental health is now discussed more than ever – but still myths and challenges prevail. Join us for positive course where we explore these issues, and select our own tools to improve our mental health. 

Wednesday 5th June
18:00 - 20:00

What is Recovery?

Everyone’s Recovery journey is unique and deeply personal. The Mental Health Recovery model was introduced in 1980s and is now advocated in a number of countries around the world. The concept of Recovery is not just about a lack of symptoms, or problems, but is about leading a satisfying life – as each person defines it.

This course has been designed to provide an introduction to the main principles of Mental Health Recovery and how to apply them in the context of your own life.

This is one of four recovery modules: completion of all modules is beneficial to gain a full understanding of the concept.

Monday 10th June
17:30 - 20:30

Living with Depression (3 hours)

Depression is the most commonly diagnosed mental health problem. We will explore this topic and how it effects our lives. Through individual and small group work we will cover what depression is, what causes it and strategies to overcome it. 

Monday 17th June
17:30 - 20:30

Growing into Change

We all experience change; it is a natural part of life and yet we all have our individual responses to it. On this course, we will explore why we struggle with change (resistance), how we can work with it (awareness) and move forward with our lives (adaptability). We will do this through a range of individual and group activities and discussion.

Monday 8th July
10:00 - 13:00