Courses: Lived experience and professional insights

Understand more about mental health with courses co-produced by professionals and people with lived experience of a mental health difficulty

What makes our courses different?

Our courses are designed and delivered in partnership between people who have lived experience of mental health difficulties and those with professional experience, for example an occupational therapist, nutritionist, employment coordinator or psychiatrist. It’s known as co-production and we feel it helps to offer the best insight and experience possible. Our courses are open to adults experiencing mental health difficulties and the family and professionals who support them.

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For individuals experiencing mental health difficulties

Personal growth and change is a natural part of life. But sometimes we  don’t know what we need to do in our lives to move forward, especially around mental health difficulties and recovery. Through sharing lived experience and education, we give people the strength and skills to manage their own recovery, and achieve their goals.

For carers, families and friends

Want to understand more? We offer education and insight if you’re supporting a family member or friend with mental health difficulties. You’ll get greater understanding of mental health conditions and experiences and learn how you can look after yourself while supporting your loved one.

For professionals who support people with mental health difficulties

Are you a professional who supports others to manage their mental health? Jersey Recovery College courses teach evidence-based practical skills, tools and knowledge designed and delivered using co-production between people with lived experience and subject matter professionals. Our courses are a valuable source of CPD. In UK recovery colleges, as many as one-third of all students are professionals supporting those with mental health difficulties.


Suicide Awareness

This session aims to create empathy and challenge stigma by developing understanding of suicidal behaviour.  You will learn your role in suicide prevention, be able to respond to someone in distress and use the resources provided to seek help. 

Monday 9th December
14:00 - 16:30

Introduction to Co-Production

Co-production is a word often used in and around health services but what does it really mean?

This course is suitable for anyone interested in using their lived experience to work within a co-produced model in order to contribute to services. It is also for health professionals or third sector organisations interested in exploring co-production within their own field.

Tuesday 10th December
14:00 - 17:00